UK Events Ltd offer high quality dance floors to purchase across the United Kingdom. Not only to we sell our selection of dance floors but we also offer a rental facility and now a full refurbishment facility.

Buy This Oak Parquet Dance Floor - Florlok®

oak parquet dance floor

Our Oak Parquet Dance Floor is not just the most affordable dance floor we have on sale, it's stunning looks and low maintenance makes it the preferred choice when purchasing a dance floor.  Click more to find out more on buying a dance floor.  Buy a traditional oak parquet wooden dance floor.MORE

Black and White Dance Floor - Publok®

black and white publok dance floor sales

The People's choice. Buy a black and white dance floor.

This black and white chequered dance is by far the most popular dance floor we have to offer. We can supply this flooring to any size you require as long as the figure is divisible by 2. Click on MORE for further information.   MORE

Buy This Outdoor Dance Floor - Outlok®

outside Dance Floor Sales

New to UK Events Ltd is our weather-proof wood effect dance floor suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Buy an outdoor dance floor if you are looking to purchase a dance floor for outdoor use. MORE

Buy This Black Dance Floor - Publok®

Black Dance Floor Sales

The Pure Jet Black Dance Floor has become a good contender within the corporate market. It's ideal for themed nights and corporate parties. Click on more to see our pricing on the fabulous black dance floor. MORE

Purchase This White Dance Floor - Publok®

Buy A White Dance Floor

This pure white dance floor is the preferred choice for wedding functions. The bride’s favourite partner by far, but it doesn't stop there. Many of our clients look for a light and fresh look and this is the ideal choice.MORE

Purchase a Pixelated RGB Floor - Illumilok®

Buy A pixel rgb video and image dance floor

The Pixel RGB dance floor is now her. With complete control of every LED light, you have unlimited options to what this floor can reproduce. This floor has been designed to sit at the high end of the market. Ideal for weddings, corporate functions and private partiesMORE

Buy an LED Starlit Dance Floor - Starlok®

LED Starlit Dance Floor Sales

The spectacular LED Starlit plight dance floor is completely controllable. You can choose how fast you would like the lights to flash and even have options on flash types including a function to just have the lights on permanently. This is a top end dance floor fit for the most demanding of clients. Buy a starlit dance floor.MORE

Choose a trusted name for dance floor purchases

Buy a dance floor is one of the main distributers of flooring across Europe. We supply only quality flooring solutions backed by a manufacturers guarentee.

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